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For Psychosomatic Conditions.

This treatment does not involve physical exercise

A psychosomatic condition is not something imaginary, or "all in the mind", like we often hear, in fact
the physical symptoms of psychosomatic conditions are very real and  like with any other illness
such physical symptoms should be always be taken into consideration and treated properly.
Psychosomatic symptoms mean, that they affect both the mind and the body.

Psychosomatic illness originates from negative damaging thought patterns as well as emotional
stress and progresses with physical symptoms, especially when a person's immune system is
affected due to the stress and tension involved.

A psychosomatic disorder can generally develop when stressful life events occur, or trough the
experience of persistent or chronic stress and also when negative and self-sabotaging
thought patterns have remained the same or got worse over a long period of time.

Different personalities can be affected in various ways by the same stressors
"Stressor...An agent, condition, or other stimulus that causes stress to an organism."
A person could be particularly vulnerable to cardiac problems and react to a
serious stress trigger with heart disease. Another person could respond to the same event
with a stroke and so on, there is no pattern to it, but it is a well known fact, that stress always
affect peoples health in a more or less way and, therefore, it is important
to practice regular stress management. During the session you will experience exactly how to do this
and effectively learn an incredibly valuable new skill for life.

 Stress can tie your stomach in knots, can give you aches and pains, and much more. It is like
mind over matter in a very negative way. It shows how your mind is powerful enough to make
your body sick and it can become very serious. Hypnotherapy combined with Yoga Nidra
helps you to turn your mind into your friend rather then being your enemy.

These are some of the more common conditions
that can result from psychosomatic illnesses

Irritable bowl syndrome, Psychosomatic illnesses might cause acne, ulcers,
immune-system troubles and hives, migraines, apathy or
depression. Exhaustion can be another sign. There may also be feelings of
culpability which can lead to psychological tension.
Another sign can be extreme anxiety and fear. 

So how to get psychosomatic relief ?

 All of these conditions resulting from psychosomatic illnesses, including ulcers can be lessened
by combining Hypnotherapy with YOGA NIDRA. A Hypnosis and Yoga Nidra mixed treatment
is an extremely powerful tool in the curbing of stress, it is a technique thatíll help you handle
everyday life and challenges from a platform of inner balance, without getting pulled under.
Exercise is also a fantastic way to relieve stress. Getting rid of stress is good for your health.

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New Scientist vol.136 issue 184531 October, Page 6
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