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Dealing With Pressure And Life Changes

Hypnotherapy for help with depression, the acceptance and adjustment to loss
or change. For stress relief & stress management and to help with worry, anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness, feeling insecure and more. The sessions focus on fostering an  increased feeling of resiliency, self confidence and strength, to get through difficult, challenging and even frightening times. More

                     Contact Details For Hypnotherapy

Telephone Grimsby Hypnosis 01472 230551
or 07854 976 381   
09.00 am until 17.00 pm Monday to Friday Saturdays until 13pm

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All your inquiries are treated as 100% confidential.  

Use the same above numbers/email also for
, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Creative Visualization Therapy, Deep Relaxation Therapy, Learning Yoga Nidra  relaxation, Self-Hypnosis training and Meditation Tuition.

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This type of Hypnotherapy can be helpful for the following.
Change of Situation and adjusting, relationship problems, stress relief, emotional and mental wellbeing, psychosomatic symptoms, symptoms of Psychosomatic illness, suppressed feelings and emotions,  feelings of intense distress when reminded of a past trauma, fear of medical procedures, especially in kids, childhood physical abuse, upsetting memories, resisting peer pressure, embarrassment about ones body, feeling detached from others or emotionally numb, building self confidence, putting yourself first, be happier, always thinking the worst, feeling Inferior, confidence in class, letting go of the past, anxiety and emotional difficulties, being to self conscious, over-defensiveness, saying sorry to much, grieving, suicidal thoughts, feeling suicidal, feel uneasy about life, feeling down in the dumps, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, feeling better, being to conscious about what other people think, dealing with pressure at work, confidence to go out, being bullied at school or bullied at work, when messed about or feeling cheated, help with grief, getting over someone, loss of a pet, phobia cure, calming down, meeting people, depressive thoughts, dealing with life,  bad memories, fear of the future, childhood abuse, feeling not wanted, copying with illness, family split up, divorce, cant find a job, or job loss, having no partner, not knowing what to do, decision making, when we need emotional support, people are horrible, loneliness, self-hypnosis.

Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD Psychosomatic illness.
Intrusive, upsetting memories of past events, Flashbacks, Nightmares, pounding heart, rapid breathing, nausea, muscle tension, sweating, Feelings of intense distress when reminded of past trauma. Avoiding anything that reminds of the trauma
sometimes also an Inability to remember important aspects of the trauma, or Loss of interest in activities and life in general

Difficulty concentrating, staying awake at night, Sense of an uncertain future or not expecting to live a normal life span, to get married, or have a career. Tiredness during the day a feeling like giving up. Depression or hopelessness, feeling mistrust and betrayal, Irritability or outbursts of anger, Hyper vigilance, feeling like being constantly on red alert. A feeling of alienation from others and the World. Feeling jumpy or easily startled. Guilt, shame, self-blame, anger and irritability and so on.

Please inquire, especially if you are under the supervision of  any mental health specialist,  take any prescription drugs, or have a history of any mental illness because in that case, we  need the permission of your GP first to proceed.
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