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This Yoga Nidra CD, is perfect for reducing anxiety, stress and tension and helps creating emotional and mental wellbeing, Yoga Nidra is known to be excellent for hyper tension relief and all other stress-related problems. For this reason many authorities in the field praise Yoga Nidra for its effectiveness, also, because by using no affirmation, it has helped many insomnia sufferers to go to sleep and because the practitioner can use his own affirmation, it is also extremely helpful for weight loss. Yoga Nidra helps to harmonize two hemispheres of the brain and the two aspects of the nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic. 


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What is Yoga Nidra ? 

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga Nidra ?

The Healing Effect Of Yoga Nidra On PTSD  

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Yoga Nidra Is Supportive For War Veterans And PTSD
War Veterans Benefit From Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is not a strenuous exercise, it is easy, as you can see on the background picture.
It does not involve any physical movement and is practiced lying down.

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Created and produced in digital audio by Peter Michaels Devarsi

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Created and produced in digital audio by Peter Michaels Devarsi

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Yoga Nidra CD




All the persons, who bought this CD, said something similar, all are satisfied with this CD

Dave "Grimsby Blues Club" From the Cobblers shop in Brereton Avenue Cleethorpes
" It really works :-) "

Shelagh Thomas ex staff nurse Grimsby Princess Diana Hospital
" I encourage everyone to acquire the Yoga Nidra CD by Peter Michaels, I
noticed much positive impact in how I feel about myself after listening "

Mr. Anil Varia Teacher in Leicester
"10 minutes into the CD, I am melting, my mind becomes peaceful and I gain
a new positive perspective on life. This is very subtle and refreshing.
Keep up the good work, so many people need this. I feel a very satisfying 
calmness inside and no disturbances or distractions, amazing.
I did not know that this is possible, thank you"

D. Singer You Tube
I am pregnant and my sister keeps making me upset which is bad for the baby
so this helps me relax, thank u again .... lol the baby just relaxed in my
belly while listening to this......

UK India
"Even though this is not in my mother tongue 'Hindi', I appreciate the vivid scenes you
have chosen to give a very spread out visualization and hence relaxation.
This is great. thanks!!"

Bhaktivedanta Tridandi Swami, International Society For Pure Bhakti Yoga
"This Yoga Nidra recording, is the best I have listened to and I know my subject well.
The combination of relaxation, chakra meditation and positive imagery, works really
well, a fantastic idea. I tell all my students about it, many thanks"

Mrs. Bianca Jagger Sheffield
"Many thanks, 100 plus points for Yoga Nidra :-)"

And many more

Yoga Nidra Is Also Supportive For War Veterans And PTSD
The Healing Effect of Yoga on PTSD 
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What is Yoga Nidra ?

Many people in the East and the West are attracted to Yoga Practices, for they think they can find solution to every problem therein; be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual! Much importance is attached to relaxation techniques that one thinks might help a person in easing the tension caused due to chronic stressful life style. Yoga Nidra is one such wonderful technique, for total physical or mental relaxation.

Ordinary sleep is not relaxation, for tensions cannot always be resolved completely in ordinary sleep. Yoga Nidra is qualitatively different relaxation. It is a 'sleep' where all the burdens are thrown off to attain more blissful state of awareness, a relaxation much more intense than ordinary sleep.

Neuro-physiologic Basis There is no question about the close relation between the body and the brain. Various centres in the brain control, modify, and affect our bodily functions. In fact, there is a centre in the brain for every act, whether wilful or reflex, physical or mental. Experimental data have identified many such specific centres. Stimulation of these centres leads to appropriate actions, be they motor or sensory, secretary or emotive, affective or cognitive. Thus we have a holographic representation of the body on the brain.

To put the thing more concretely, it is proved that the left half of the body is represented in right half of the brain and vice-a-versa. As far as the muscular actions are concerned, the representation is in an 'upside down manner' in motor area of pre-central gurus. Thus, at the top of this part of brain the lowest portion of our body -foot- is represented. Then comes ankle, leg (calf), knee, thigh, hip, trunk, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, palm, fingers, thumb, then neck, jaw, face, eyes, ears, tongue, taste, swallowing, etc. The same thing is applicable for sensations. Stimulation of brain centres of sensory cortex evokes sensations on the opposite half of the body.


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What Is Yoga Nidra Good For ?
Here are practitioner reported benefits of this relaxation technique, after regular practice.

Leads To Psychological, Physical And Spiritual Healing,
Deep Relaxation, Stress Relief, Emotional And mental Wellbeing, better control over Fight-Or-Flight Response and Anxiety, Reduced Stress, Increased Brain Function, Shortens Short Term Stress :-), Memory Improvement, Aids Personal Development, Supportive In Establishing The I am Okay You Are Okay Mindset, Helps Feeling Okay In Social Situations, Feeling More Natural Within, Dealing With Life more confidently, Helps To Build Self-Confidence and Goal Setting, Reduces Nervousness, Fantastic For Conquering Presentation Nerves And Public Speaking, Finding Peace, Staying Cool And Confident Under Pressure, A Great Aid To Help With Control Over Psychosomatic Symptoms, Gives An Excellent Relaxation Response, Helps Managing Stress And Stress-Related Illnesses, Calming Down, Very Supportive With IBS Irritable Bowel syndrome, Goal Setting, Not Getting So Upset Or Irritated Anymore, Handling Life Better, Liking Ones Self Better, Its A Great Support For Someone With Anger Problems, It Greatly Aids Better health, Can Help Cure Sleep Disorders, Gives Complete Rest And Relaxation, Helps With Migraine, Very good For Hypertension, Finding Peace And Calm.


This Yoga Nidra CD, is perfect for reducing anxiety, stress and tension and helps creating emotional and mental wellbeing, Yoga Nidra is known to be excellent for hyper tension relief and all other stress-related problems. For this reason many authorities in the field praise Yoga Nidra for its effectiveness, also, because it has helped many insomnia sufferers to go to sleep.

Because you choose your own affirmation, the CD is fantastic for weight loss and supports all existing weight loss programs and diets.

Because you choose your own affirmation, the CD is fantastic for stopping smoking, because not only do you choose your own affirmation relating to stopping smoking, the CD will also give you a deeper and much longer lasting relaxation experience then a cigarette could ever provide. Most practitioners feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the day and that makes giving up smoking very easy.
Yoga Nidra is also extremely helpful for panic attacks and phobia relief and therefore Yoga Nidra may also help with related depression. Yoga Nidra hopes is supportive in restoring mental, emotional, and physical health, by way of relaxation the Yogic way, making the mind, the mental system and the body calm and relaxed. Such a practice helps harmonize two hemispheres of the brain and the two aspects of the nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic. 

Everyone knows that relaxation and especially deep relaxation, aids physical health and even supports the immune system. Yoga Nidra hopes is very supportive in restoring mental, emotional, and physical health, by way of relaxation the Yogic way, synchronising the physical systemsand the mental system with each other and in this way harmonising all systems.

However even so most people experience these benefits, they can not be guaranteed to work with everyone and to make such a claim would
be irresponsible.



The Healing Effect of Yoga Nidra On PTSD And War Veterans
By Sharon Steffensen "Yoga Finder"

 The U.S. Department of Defense has not yet fully embraced yoga, but the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington, D.C. is seeing impressive results from it. A recent feasibility study conducted there indicated that a particular approach of yoga had a positive effect on military personnel suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study, funded by the Samueli Foundation, a private grant-making institution dedicated to facilitating positive change and enabling individuals to achieve their potential, used a protocol of Yoga Nidra meditation to examine its healing effect on US active-duty soldiers who were experiencing PTSD from their experiences in the Afghanistan and Iraq war zones. Yoga Nidra uses deep relaxation, deep breathing and meditation to systematically reduce physical, emotional, mental and even subconscious tension.

A total of seven men and women were chosen to participate in the nine-week study that included 18 classes and a daily home practice using compact disks provided by the instructor. Changes in health status such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain and locus of control were assessed over the course of the study using pre-, post- and follow-up data. The lead consultant for the study was Richard Miller, who developed the protocol of Yoga Nidra used in the study. Richard is a recognized scholar of Eastern spirituality who has 30+ years of practice synthesizing yoga with Western psychology. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology and was a co-founder of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and the Institute for Spirituality and Psychology.

An additional goal of this study was to gather preliminary data on the anticipated effect, size and feasibility of conducting a larger clinical study on the adjunctive use of yoga for the treatment of PTSD symptoms in enlisted military personnel. Due to the excellent trends realized through the feasibility study, the Samueli Foundation has now set aside funding for a 200-subject, multi-site, in-depth research study using Yoga Nidra with active-duty soldiers experiencing PTSD.

Following are comments from some of the participants about their experience with Yoga Nidra
during the feasibility study:

" I feel more accepting of situations in my life that I cannot control."

"When I come to the practice my thoughts become quiet .It s empowering knowing I can change"
the way I feel and my mood.

"The classes are calming, and I always have a really good day after the sessions. "

" I didn't want it to end."

" I now have an inner place that I can go to that calms me down and brings me peace."

"Its easier to get to sleep now...and I sleep longer."

"I m experiencing life...not just living it."

After seeing the results from the feasibility study, the Deployment Health Clinical Centre (DHCC) at Walter Reed integrated Richards Yoga Nidra protocol into its regular treatment program for soldiers rotating through the health clinic. Soldiers receive nine sessions of Yoga Nidra over a three-week period as part of their total program of various healing modalities. Following are some of their stories:

Becky, a 42-year-old woman with chronic pain and multiple diagnoses, including sleep apnea and disordered sleep, reported that after approximately six Yoga Nidra classes she was sleeping better at night and felt more rested during the day. At the graduation party from the program, her husband said he noticed a significant improvement in the quality of her sleep, that she was much more still and quiet during sleep, with far fewer waking periods, and that she seemed much more rested in the morning.

After three Yoga Nidra classes, Tom still complained that he had been in terrible pain for so long that he could not remember how it felt not to be in pain. After the third class, he reported that his legs, arms and back felt numb. He seemed concerned and asked if this was normal. He was asked if his experience of numbness felt unpleasant. He replied, No, it feels fantastic! I am not in pain! The next day he reported that he had so much energy and felt so good, he could have run around the building ten times. He also said he stayed pain free until 3 a.m. (about 11 hours after the Yoga Nidra class). He was ecstatic.

Phillip, a 52-year-old man, suffered from a panic attack on the third day of the DHCC program when he went to get an MRI at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He reported that the machine was unlike civilian MRI machines and instead was very small inside just big enough to slide his body into with about two inches to spare. It terrified him, and he left before completing the procedure because he was too anxious. He went to his Yoga Nidra class literally shaking, but did the practice and appeared to quiet down. When he left, it was suggested that he use his Inner Resource (a imaginary place of safety and peace) if memories of the experience began to upset him. The next day at Yoga Nidra he came in beaming like a proud child. He reported, Your yoga really works! He said that at 8 p.m. the night before, he decided he could do the MRI. He walked the 30 minutes back to Walter Reed from his hotel, told the technician on duty what had happened earlier that day and said he was ready to try again. He said he got into the machine and started breathing deeply into his belly. He lay in savasana (relaxation pose), kept breathing and felt fine. He said he left the MRI feeling victorious.