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Hypnotherapy can be very effective for weight loss.
By Peter Michaels BA Hyp

Each hypnosis session focuses on creating and maintaining optimal, practical eating motivation and behaviour and on empowering and effective help for learning and maintaining important eating behaviour changes, either to eat more, or to eat less. The focus is on imagining optimal results of optimal eating behaviours and using that image to develop motivation and positive behaviours. Helps the listener get past mourning the loss of favourite foods. Fosters self-control, self-discipline and self-esteem. Includes suggestions to aid in the enjoyment of the taste of healthy (non-fattening) foods. For weight-concerned dieters and for persons who must make permanent, radical diet changes due to diabetes, coronary, cholesterol or other physical problems. The session includes a free follow up Audio CD. I can not tell on this page how many sessions each person needs, because each individual is of course very different. My experience however tells me that the more serious a person is the better the effect.

Hypnosis sessions can be adjusted to compliment well known weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and all others, even those new spiritual diets.

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If Others can do it, so can you, with the help of hypnosis, or without, your life is in Your hands.

A little tip
Blue is one of the most popular colours, but it is one of the least appetizing. Some weight loss plans recommend eating your food off of a blue plate. Blue rarely occurs naturally in food aside from blueberries and some plums. Also, humans are geared to avoid foods that are poisonous and blue colouring in food is often a sign of spoilage or poison.

Weight Loss Gift Vouchers

Hypnosis For Stopping Smoking   If you need to stop smoking, send us an  Email  
to make an appointment  
Stop Smoking Gift Vouchers Available

Weight Loss, Deep Relaxation , Dealing with pressure & Life changes, Low Self Esteem, Psychosomatic Conditions, Dieting, Insomnia Better Sleep, Fear & Anxiety, Anger Issues, Self Confidence, Nightmares, Panic Attacks, Phobias...
Hypnotherapy Gift Vouchers

Contact Details For Hypnotherapy
Telephone Grimsby Hypnosis 01472 230551
or 07854 976 381   
09.00 am until 17.00 pm Monday to Friday
Saturdays until 13pm
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Use the same above numbers/email also for
, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Creative Visualization Therapy, Deep Relaxation Therapy, Learning Yoga Nidra  relaxation, Self-Hypnosis training and Meditation Tuition.
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Confidentiality Statement



Other Therapies at the Louise Centre Grimsby
or  Full Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Head And Face Massage, Foot Massage,
Muscular And Skeletal Therapy, Lymphatic massage, Hands On Healing, Spiritual Healing,
Reiki And Counselling. Call 01472 242545    Hypnosis Healing 01472 230551 /
07854 976 381   

All your inquiries are treated as 100% confidential.


"A Good Idea"


Hypnosis Gift Vouchers
The gift vouchers can be used towards the cost of any type  of hypnotherapy.
Option 1  10,  Option 2  20,  Option 3  35 (One full regular
Hypnosis session)
(Option 4 and 5 go towards a full Stop Smoking session 65) 
All Vouchers are valid for two years.
Please Choose Your Option
It should take no more then three days for your voucher to arrive. Otherwise the confirmation email can be used and an appointment can be booked before the arrival.


Fantastic Value Custom Made Hypnosis CDs
We create custom made hypnosis recordings for our clients in studio quality.
Having a personalized hypnosis is a wonderful thing. We can help you and create a hypnosis CD that
you feel most comfortable with.
Every CD is professionally tailored to our clients personal specifications.
Total confidentiality assured. More information


Links To Audio and MP3 CDs
Total Relaxation CD  A Guided meditation CD for healing, manifesting,
. One of the best.
Other hypnosis CDs 

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New Scientist vol.136 issue 184531 October, Page 6
Why meditate, why relax?

Breaking the smoking habit
Self-Hypnosis can boost your immune system among many other positive benefits




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Hypnosis For Cancer Patients. Doctors acknowledgement required
Support And Confidence Strengthening For Cancer Patients.
Hypnosis To Enhance The Control Of Physiological And Psychological Side effects of
Chemotherapy, Radiology And Surgery. Hypnosis For Nausea. Hypnosis For Adjustment. CD available.

Hypnosis For Grief

Hypnosis For Healing, Psychosomatic Conditions.
Helping With Symptoms Caused By Stress, Panic And Anxiety.
Heal Your Self Hypnosis CD Available.

Hypnosis For Sleep Disorders.

For Insomnia, Snoring.

Hypnosis For Pre-Labour.
Deep Relaxation Techniques. Comfortable Delivery Hypnosis.

Hypnosis For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Hypnosis For Rape Victims, Hypnosis For Childhood Traumas, Hypnosis For Past Negative

Hypnosis For Dental Disorders, Phobias, Anxiety.
Hypnosis For Fear Of Dentists, Hypnosis For Dental Phobias, Hypnosis For Bruxismm,
Tension Head Aches, Anxiety Attacks, General Phobias, Stage Fright, Public Speaking,
Lack Of Self Esteem And Confidence,.

Hypnosis For Emotional Problems.
Hypnosis For The Reduction Of Guilt Feelings, Learn To Forgive Hypnosis, Hypnosis For

Hypnosis For A Better Consciousness, Hypnosis For Releasing Emotional Pressure, Positive
Self Talk Hypnosis,
 Hypnosis For Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Hypnosis For Abuse Victims, Hypnosis For
Bad Memories,
Hypnosis For Depression e.g.

Hypnosis For Relationships.
Hypnosis To Increase Communication Skills, Hypnosis For Understanding Other People Better,
Hypnosis For
Feeling Equal To Others, Hypnosis For Listening Skills, Hypnosis For Better Conversation Skills,
Hypnosis For
Social Phobias, Hypnosis For A Better Attitude, Hypnosis For Making Friends, Shyness.

Hypnosis For Habit Problems
Hypnosis For Smoking Cessation "see
Stop Smoking" , Over Eating And Nail Biting e.g.

Hypnosis For Academic Performance
Hypnosis For Studying, Hypnosis For Test Anxiety, Hypnosis For Examination Panic, Hypnosis
For Concentration,
Hypnosis For Improving Reading e.g.

Hypnosis For General Sport And Better Athletic Performance
Performance Enhancement, Better Cooperation And Teamwork, Endurance And Determination For Better
Performance, Goal Setting, Winner Consciousness, e.g.  

And More

Personal Improvement Confidence Building
Self Esteem
Relax Socially
Be More Optimistic
Stop Blushing
Increase Assertiveness
Say 'No' with Confidence
Dealing with THAT Person
Feel Good - Look Good
Beat Insecurity
End Negative Thinking
Start Conversations
Stop Self Sabotage
Perfect Shape
What Others Think
Stage Nerves
Confidence Booster 2
Watch Less Television
Don't Hate Yourself
Reduce Worry
Learn to Forgive
Overcome Victim Mentality
No Embarrassment
Dine Out Happily
Yourself First for a Change
Resist Peer Pressure
Shy in the Bedroom
Accept Yourself
Impulse Control Disorder
Musicians & Singers Anxiety
Stop Swearing
Be Happier
Thinking the Worst
Don't Cry at Work
Feel Inferior?
Confidence in Class
Don't Be Impatient
Don't Be Selfish
Stop Thinking You're Stupid
Let Go Of The Past
Get Over Homesickness
Anxiety Talking
Stop Being Self Conscious
Know Who You Are
Overcome Envy
It's Not Your Fault
Stop Saying Sorry
Don't Gossip
Eat Healthily
Motivation for Exercise
Power to Heal
Stay Stopped Smoking
Ease Your Migraine
Do Away with Tension Headaches
Motivation for Weight Loss
Cannabis Dependence
Eat Less Chocolate
Wart Treatment
Tooth Grinding

Learn to Love Again
Respect Yourself
Stressful Marriage?
Be Faithful
Great Listener
Bad Relationship
Social Connections
Mr Wrong
Learn Small Talk
Becoming a New Parent
How To Be Approachable
Be a Good Step Parent
Firm but Fair Parent
Fear of Being Left
Trust Again
Repair Poor First Impressions
Socialize More
Adoption Woes
End The Affair
Sibling Competitiveness
Phobias and Fears Rejection Phobia
Fear of Open Spaces
Confrontation Phobia
Overcome Fear of Failure
Panic Attacks
Don't be Afraid of Flying
Ease Elevator Phobia
Relax Away from Home
Overcome Social Anxiety
Dental Phobia
Ease Anxiety
Height Phobia
Relax on Your Driving Test
Exam Phobia
Bird Anxiety
Hospital Phobia
Needle Phobia
Overcome Fear of Spiders
Driving Phobia
Phobia of Success
Overcome Fear of Snakes
Fear of Bridges
Overcome Fear of Water
Darkness Fear
Beat Wedding Nerves
Perform at Your Best
Sexual Performance Anxiety
Fear of Loneliness
Scared of Dogs?
Obsession with Death
Emetophobia Fear
People Being Sick
Fear of Phone calls
Embrace Change
Be Calm with Superiors
You're Not Mad!
Heart Attack Phobia
Worrying Where the Bathroom Is
Enjoy Getting Older
Sports Psychology Mentally Tough
Sprint Start
Hitting Over Hazards
The First Tee
Golf Putting
Smooth Swing
Winning Mindset
Big Match Nerves
More First Serves
Sporting Injury?
Heightened Awareness
Ten Pin Bowling
Running Endurance
Time it Right - Martial Arts
Free Throw Champion
13-miler Training
Soccer Spot Kicks
Overcome Depression Therapy with Hypnosis Control Your Anger
Stop Early Ejaculation
Stop Excessive Guilt
End Impotence
Stop Biting Your Nails!
Leave Childhood Behind
Cure Hypochondria
Stop Jealous Thoughts
Reduce Your Alcohol Intake
Stop Stuttering Now
Overcome Car Anger
Wet Bed?
Sleep Well
Unblock Your Writing
Overcome Trichotillomania
Overcoming Shopping Addiction
Stay Off Alcohol
Midlife Crisis
Job Loss
Coming off Alcohol
Lift Depression
Gambling Addiction
Vaginismus Treatment
Compulsive Thinking
Problems Urinating
Broken Nerves?
Addiction to Pornography
Resting Legs
Stop Lying
Picking Your Skin?
Eye Brow Pulling
Baby Crying?
Repetitive Dream
Wine Drinking
Relax with Noise
Post Natal Depression Treatment
Stop Masturbating
Body Dysmorphia
Obsessive Cleaning
Swallow Pills Comfortably
Obsessive Checking
Anxious Passenger
Attention Deficit Manager
Online Addiction
Eating Disorder
Overcome Kleptomania
Compulsive Sex
Nursing Home Guilt
Sleep Walking
Addicted to Games
Self Harming
Lost a Child?
Stress Boost Your Energy
Ease Away Tension
Brighten Up!
Manage Stress Well
Relief from Stress
Burned Out?
Relaxation Breathing
Balance Work & Life
De clutter Your Life
Feeling Overwhelmed?
Waiting for Test Results
See the Funny Side
Work Addiction
Bullying At Work
Carer Stress Management
Failed a College Test?
Personal Bankruptcy Stress
Stop Rushing
Relax! A Healthy Rest
The Four Seasons
A Warm Place
The Island
Sleep Quick!
Meditate Now
Sleep Better
Self Hypnotize Now!
To Sleep...
Relax with the Ball
Childlike Sleep
Deep Relaxation Rest
Unwanted Meditation Thoughts

Circulation Problems
Relieve Tinnitus
Non Surgical Face Lift
Stop Excessive Sweating
Heal Well Naturally
Prepare for Surgery
Embrace the Menopause
Stop Sneezing
Stop Facial Twitching
Stop Sucking Your Thumb
Stop Itching
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Ease Asthma
Drink More Water
Drink Less Soda
For Carers
Gym Motivation
Tune Out Snoring
Beat Jetlag
Eat More Slowly
Increase Fertility
No Nose Picking
MRI Scan Anxiety
Lower Salt Consumption
Motion Sickness
Improve Lethargy
Diabetic Health
Breastfeeding Success
Ease Raynauds Disease
Control Your Portions
Relieve Constipation
Self Development Interview Nerves
Boost Your Motivation
Speak in Public!
Increase Your Concentration
Boost Creativity
Emotional Intelligence
Live Up to Your Potential!
Beat Procrastination
Workplace Motivation
Self Belief
Speaking at Weddings
Creative Problem Solving
Better Language Learning
Organize Your Life
Millionaire Mind
Big Decisions
Growing Personally
Spend Less
Joy of Motherhood
Asking for a Raise
Will Power
Self Discipline
Confidence in Meetings
Relax with your Boss
Get Up Quickly
Goal Getter
Housework Satisfaction
Handling Criticism
Do It Now!
Enjoy Telesales
Party Animal
Promote Yourself
Study Skills
Be Funny
Single Parent
Time Management Skills
Core of Steel
First Day at Work
Increase Ambition
Be a Manly Man
Learn To Be More Feminine
Finding a New Job
Patience with Kids
Confident Dancing
Better Studying
More Luck
Be More Artistic
Lead Your Team
Trust Gut Feelings
Develop Compassion
Playing Music
Don't Get Distracted
Retire with Confidence
Traders Mind
Reduce Greed
Memory for Names
Get Into A Hypnosis Habit
Competitive Nature
Publishing Perseverance
Find Your Identity
Faster Typing
Back to Work
Return to School
Remember Books
Don't Give Up
Learn Speed Reading
Try New Stuff
Emotional Resilience
Influence More
Take Compliments Well
New Father
Building Rapport
Help with Spelling

Weight Loss Think Yourself Thin
Super Slim Me
Stop TV Eating
Emotional Eating
Boredom Eating
Stop Binge Eating
Sweet Tooth
Healthy Food
Stop Comfort Eating
No More Fast Food
Weight Loss Motivation
Chronic Pain Management
Relieve Pain
Knee Comfort
Lessen Hip Pain
Hypnosis For Childbirth
Phantom Limb
Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
Hand Anaesthetic
Hand Levitation
Suspended Arm
Confident Therapist
Better Relationships Relationship Independence
Relationship Insecurity
Commitment Phobia
Liven Up Relationships
Forget That Relationship
Be Confident with your Date
Be Comfortable Around Women
Enjoy Meeting New People
Enhance Sex -Men
Enhance Sex - Women
Unrequited Love
Confidence with Men you Like
Relax with Attractive Women
Confident Flirting
Get Popular
Recover from Divorce
How to End a Relationship
Female Sex Drive
Male Sex Drive
Male Speed Date
Female Speed Date
Don't Push Away
Waking Up?
Calm Mind
Appreciate Nature
Yoga Nidra
Get a Long Sleep
Sleep Talker



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