Self-Development Hypnotherapy at the Healing Centre is not like the normal "excite people and then leave them to their own devices" type, only to find that a week later nothing has changed?

To become confident, you need  solid strategies for improving your self  esteem for any situation and this is what is given during the sessions.

After finding out the root course of the problem we develop a definite action plan tailored to the specific needs of our client.

Confidence must be the foundation, for being able to deal effortlessly with any type of situation especially when in the presence of other very confident individuals. This is possible only when a person has reached a good level in understanding about how
self-confidence works.


The Louise Centre For Natural Healing &  Hypnosis
47 Newmarket Street Grimsby DN32 7BP  Telephone 01472 230551

                                Low Confidence & Self Esteem

Hypnosis can improve the following symptoms, Confidence crisis - Self Sabotage

A lack of faith in ones self - Facing new challenges - Confusion of the self
Difficulty being assertive - Fear of confrontation - Being to submissive

a very low self-opinion - Difficulties with public speaking

             Social Phobia and Panic Attacks- Daring to speak up or say something.

        Becoming confused
in the presence of others - Bullying - Feeling intimidated easily


      In hypnotic trance, new inspirational ideas and suggestions to improve self esteem and      ....    ........confidence are better accepted. They can become part of the individuals inner
 ...... convictions and self-talk.

       The sessions give deep and compellingly logical suggestions for establishing and
       developing a better, more practical, supportive relationship with the inner self.

        It is reflected in better

        Relationships, better communication, less stress tension and a clearer focus.

        Other Benefits

        Greater ability to resist the pressure of  dominant people

        Finding it easier to stand up to bullies (or one bully in particular)

        Being more able to exert a more control in situations that are important to you.

      Contact Details For Hypnotherapy
Telephone Grimsby Hypnosis 01472 230551
or 07854 976 381   
        09.00 am until 17.00 pm Monday to Friday Saturdays until 13p
        Booking & Inquiries





Hypnosis For Stopping Smoking   If you need to stop smoking, send us an  Email  
to make an appointment  
Stop Smoking Gift Vouchers Available

Weight Loss, Deep Relaxation, Dealing With Pressure And life Changes, Low Self Esteem, Psychosomatic Conditions, Dieting, Insomnia Better Sleep, Fear & Anxiety, Anger Issues, Self Confidence, Nightmares, Panic Attacks, Phobias... and more, please inquire. Booking Inquiries
Hypnotherapy Gift Vouchers

Contact Details For Hypnotherapy
Telephone Grimsby Hypnosis 01472 230551
or 07854 976 381   
09.00 am until 17.00 pm Monday to Friday
Saturdays until 13pm
Booking Inquiries

Use the same above numbers/email also for, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Creative Visualization Therapy, Deep Relaxation Therapy, Learning Yoga Nidra  relaxation, Self-Hypnosis training and Meditation Tuition.

All inquiries are handled in strict confidence.

The details of your inquiry will be treated with absolute confidentiality and
will be used only to respond to your inquiry.

Confidentiality Statement


Other Therapies at the Louise Centre Grimsby
or  Full Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Head And Face Massage, Foot Massage,
Muscular And Skeletal Therapy, Lymphatic massage, Hands On Healing, Spiritual Healing,
Reiki And Counselling. Call 01472 242545    Hypnosis Healing 01472 230551 /
07854 976 381   

All your inquiries are treated as 100% confidential.


"A Good Idea"


Hypnosis Gift Vouchers
The gift vouchers can be used towards the cost of any type  of hypnotherapy.
Option 1  10,  Option 2  20,  Option 3  35 (One full regular Hypnosis session)
(Option 4 and 5 go towards a full Stop Smoking session 65) 
All Vouchers are valid for two years.
Please Choose Your Option
It should take no more then three days for your voucher to arrive. Otherwise the confirmation email can be used and an appointment can be booked before the arrival


Fantastic Value Custom Made Hypnosis CDs
We create custom made hypnosis recordings for our clients in studio quality.
Having a personalized hypnosis is a wonderful thing. We can help you and create a hypnosis CD that
you feel most comfortable with.
Every CD is professionally tailored to our clients personal specifications.
Total confidentiality assured. More information


Links To Audio and MP3 CDs
Total Relaxation CD  A Guided meditation CD for healing, manifesting,
. One of the best.
Other hypnosis CDs 


New Scientist vol.136 issue 184531 October, Page 6
Why meditate, why relax?

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Hypnosis for Low Self Esteem Self Confidence And Self-Development.

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Grimsby Hypnosis, Use Hypnotherapy For Confidence & Self-Development.

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